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“I am the Light of the World”.    John 8:12 In God’s creation, He has given us the sun, moon  and stars for lights on the earth.  Neither we, nor  the creation, could survive without these lights.  The  same is true of our spiritual life.  Without the light of  Jesus Christ we cannot be saved, for Jesus is the  only Savior – the Son of Righteousness.  By His  grace we are drawn to Him, like the rays of the sun.   His grace is offered to a world that is broken, like  broken glass - no matter what the size or color. The  bright Star of Bethlehem tells us that the Savior has  come.  The empty cross tells us that Christ has  shed His blood, represented by the red ring of  glass, and has given His life for our salvation – a  complete redemption.  May the Son of  Righteousness be our only comfort in life and in  death.     John W. Davies (creator & constructor of stained glass)