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In the summer of 1950, LaGrave CRC hired a seminary student for evangelism in the Wayland area.  He succeeded in starting Bible classes and acquired a list of names for perspective church members.  Moline CRC then assumed the responsibility for this project. In 1954, the project became inactive.  But, in 1955, 11 families from Moline CRC, living in the Wayland area, agreed to help start a new church in Wayland.  Worship services and Sunday School classes were held in the American Legion Hall.  Several families made trips to pick up families and individuals, so attendance grew. On February 15, 1957 the Steering committee decided to ask Grand Rapids South for permission to organize.  At the May, 1957 meeting of Classis Grand Rapids South, permission was granted. Ten acres was purchased at E. Elm St. and a church building was erected.  Building was completed. Over the years, the church has been added on to and a parsonage was built next door.  In 1997, the Education Building was built for offices, classrooms, full kitchen & banquet room. In 2015 we began construction of a new sanctuary. In 2016 we moved into the new sanctuary & demolished our old sanctuary. We are part of the Grand Rapids South Classis.
Don Wisse 1957-1961 E. Visser 1962-1968 George VanderWeit 1968-1971 Hubert Sprik 1972-1986 Lambert Sikkema 1987-1992 R. Joe Dieleman 1992-1995 James McCune 1996-1999 Ronald Bouwkamp 2000-2006 Gerald Zandstra 2006-present

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